Are you selling your house? Doing spring cleaning?

Pinnacle Window Cleaners will help keep your home, which is your biggest investment, looking great!

If you are selling your home, we can make your windows look fabulous for the photo shoot. Clean windows make a lasting impression on the final inspection. Book us in to add the final touch to the house.

Whether your reason for choosing a window cleaning service is convenience, safety, a busy life-style, or simply preferring to spend your free time on a golf course rather than a ladder, our well-trained, courteous crew can help.

Residential window cleaning is much more involved than simply removing dirt and grime from a window as inexpensively as possible. We use a biodegradable window cleaning solution that is safe on all windows and window tinting films.

Our services include:

* Window Frame cleaning

* Mirror cleaning

* Window screen cleaning

* Window cleaning (outside and inside of your home)

* Patio glass cleaning

* Porch cleaning

* Interior lighting fixture cleaning

* Exterior lighting fixture cleaning

Our top priority is crystal clear windows and happy clients.

Why us?

* Reliable Year-Round Scheduling

* Customized Cleaning

* Emergency Cleanings

* Various Billing Options

* Execution of industry tested and recommended procedures

* The use and proper disposal of high quality chemicals and cleaning agents

* A Job done well and right the first time

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